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The Nether Saga(Temporary Area Forge)

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The Nether Saga(Temporary Area Forge)

Post by Drakanos on Fri May 29, 2009 8:59 am

The Nether Saga

1.Drakath- Lord of Chaos
2.Terryn- Princess of the Dark Elfs
3.Delmion- Keeper of the Portal
4.Norrack- Nether Alchimist
5.Minos- General of The Nether

1.Chaos Temple


1.Gate: 2 Corrupted Warriors 1000HP
2.Road to Temple : 4 Corrupted Hunters 1000HP
3.Temple: Drakath 5000HP
After Defeating Him a voice says:
This is your last chance Drakath do it Right!!!!
Then Drakath turns blue for 2 secs and then he Clashes His sword in the Ground and the you are throwed back to the Entrance the shockwave pushing you ripping the road.Then by a flick of his finger the Temple starts to float and pieces of the road form a stairway of floating rocks.Then he summons minions on the rocks.
4.Rock 1: 10 Chaos Eyes 200HP
5.Rock 2: 8 Corrupted Fire Imps 400HP
6.Rock 3: 6 Cyclops 600HP
7.Rock 4: 4 Corrupted Cyclops 800HP
8.Rock 5: 2 Corrupted Ninja 1000HP
When you get to the top he flicks his hand and the rocks collide and make a bridge full of Chaos Goo
9.Bridge 1: Chaos Goo 500HP
10.Bridge 2: Chaos Goo Warrior 1000HP(Same skills as warrior)
11.Bridge 3: Chaos Goo Mage 1000HP(Same skills as mage)
12.Bridge 4: Chaos Goo Rouge 1000HP(Same skills as rouge)
13.Bridge 5: Chaos Goo Beast 5000HP
14.Chaos Temple: Drakath 10000HP
After that the voice says:
You have faild me for the last time!!
Then Drakath explodes in a blue shockwave throwing you on the ground below.When you get up you see the temple crashing.

Drakath Set lvl 20 2MIL non-mem
Sepulchre's energy(evil)
Alteon's cure(good)
Use them to cure Alteon and revive Sephulchre

But who gave Drakath that Power...?


You talk to Alteon/Sephulchre about Drakath's misterious power and he suggests to look in the Book of Chaos located in the library of the Chaos Temple
You tell him that the temple crashed leaving nothing behind.
Then Minx The Time Travel Fairy comes and tells you her idea go back in time before the temple crashed.
The Chaos Minions wont know you are there but you will battle Time Monsters


1.Back In Time: 10 Time Spiders 1200HP
2.Temple Entrance: 5 Time Beasts 1500HP
3.Main Hall: 4 Timeless Warriors 5000HP
4.Library: Timeless Hero 10000HP

The Fight with the Timeless Hero took too long and the temple is crashing.
You Must Defeat Gravity.

5.Escape: Gravity 10000HP

Gravity Must be defeated in 2 min or else you fall and the escape resets.

After Getting down Minx teleports you Back to The Future
From The Chaos Book you learn about Azenis Lord of The Nether and his plan to rule all the Worlds.
He Has 5 Generals:

1.Drakath- Lord of Chaos
2.Terryn- Princess of the Dark Elfs
3.Delmion- Keeper of the Portal
4.Norrack- Nether Alchimist
5.Minos- General of The Nether

This World is the Next on his List
You must stop him.
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