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[APPILICATION] Clan Moderator

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[APPILICATION] Clan Moderator

Post by †DarkZeroskull† on Mon Feb 09, 2009 3:17 pm

Those with a Clan EXP of 80-99 Apply for a MOD here

Agreement of a MOD

1. You must be responsible
2. You must not SPAM
3. Follow the rules
4. You must lock threads with meaningless reasons except for the chit-chat section
5. Dont delete posts or threads unless it is useless
6. Dont ever edit someone's post edit only the wrong grammar

PM Epic:Jayanator123 for your application it must be approve by him
or Subscribe Here

NOTE: Not being approved by
Epic:Jayanator123 and force him to do it will
be blacklisted

MOD Creator: Epic:Jayanator123

Accepted MODS:


Blacklisted (Not Following Agreement or Forcing Epic:Jayanator123):


THIS TOPIC IS LOCKED! For Assurance that application forms will go only to Epic:Jayanator123 no one can post here!

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Royal Kings [Admin]

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